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Midwest Region Contest Information

The Midwest Region hosts both a model contest and photo contest at its annual regional conventions. To participate you must be an active NMRA member.

The following PDF documents outline the contest categories as well as entry requirements. They also include entry forms that must be completed prior to entry into a contest. If you have any questions, contact your division Achievement Program chairman or the Regional Achievement Program Chairman, Jim Landwehr at

    • Contest How-to Guide #1:
        (Summary Information - Categories)

    • Contest How-to Guide #2:
        (Summary Information - How to Enter)

    • Model Contest Policy & Procedure
        (Includes Forms 901, 901b & 902)

    • Model & Photo Contest Entry Form 901
        (Please read the model contest procedure above before completing)

    • Module Contest Entry Form 901b
        (Please read the model contest procedure above before completing)

    • Photo Contest Policy & Procedure

In addition to the NMRA model & photo contest categories outlined in the above documents, the Midwest Region will present 4 special awards at each contest. They are:

    • Moskal Award --- Best judged Chicago Northwestern model or photograph
    • Goat Award --- Best judged Great Northern Railway model or photograph
    • Ken Turner Traction Award --- Best judged traction model or photograph
    • Ingrid Drozdak Photo Award --- Best of Show Photo Award